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Top 10 Trades and Professions That Use a Telephone Answering Service.

Although we are surprised on a weekly basis by what types of business choose to use our service we do have a regular stream of enquiries from the following list:

1. Letting Agents and Estate Agents

A telephone answering service can be a great help to businesses that are not always available in their own offices. Letting agents and estate agents are a prime example of businesses that, provided they are trading well, find very little time to be in the office as they are always out and about on viewings. Phones can be diverted to the phone answering service as they are leaving the office and a txt message can be sent for new enquiries rather than disturb a possible sale with a phonecall.

2. Solicitors and Accountants

Many solicitors use such a service as they find that their client’s need to have a constant source of contact even if that is not always possible. Solicitors regularly find themselves in situations where they are simply uncontactable, be they in court or with another client, but operators are able to reassure callers that their enquiry is being dealt with and a callback will be made as soon as possible.

3. Online Shops

Many smaller (and sometimes larger) online shops are run by just one or two people who struggle to answer all phonecalls as well as deal with orders, deliveries etc. A telephone answering service can be employed to accept and process calls from customers wishing to make orders leaving the owners of the business time to get on with other aspects of work such as marketing.

4. Recruitment Agencies

When advertising for jobs many recruitment agencies find that although their phones ring many times, a lot of the phonecalls are from under-qualified or unsuitable callers. Many non-starters can be cut out by a trained operator meaning that the recruitment agent can spend his or her time dealing with the cream of the crop rather than speaking to the seemingly endless stream of unrealistic applicants.

5. Financial Advisors (IFA)

As with many in the financial services industry, IFA’s (or independent financial advisors to give them their full name) find that much of their time is quite rightly taken up visiting or meeting with clients. This means that they are not always available to be contacted by telephone but can not afford to miss any potential business. By using a telephone answering service IFA’s are able to service both existing and potential clients.

6. Plumbers and other Tradesmen

Aside from being covered by whatever they’re trying to unblock a customer’s toilet from, a plumber’s worst nightmare is needlessly missing business because they could not answer their phone. Research has shown that callers, particularly in this trade, will simply call the next entry in the phonebook rather than leave a voicemail. A phone answering operator can take all the callers details quickly and professionally and ensure that no business is lost.

7. Cleaners

Rarely in the office, except for administration, cleaners regularly use a telephone answering service to ensure that no potential business is lost. Much like plumbers and other tradesmen, cleaners by the very nature of their work need to be out on site and able to work without interruption. Urgent messages, such as last minute cancellations, can be sent as a txt message to a mobile phone whilst other, less urgent, messages can be collected at the end of a shift via email.

8. Driver Instructors and Driver Training Companies

Driving instructors need to lead by example for their students and so answering their mobile whilst driving is out of the question. As with so many businesses though a missed phone call could mean missed business as the caller will probably go to the next entry in google or the yellow pages. Instead, calls are answered by a trained operator who can take all the required details, give info on pricing and even book appointments on behalf of the driving instructor.

9. Marketing Companies

One surprise that appears in our top ten list is the shear number of marketing companies we regularly receive enquiries from. Unlike a lot of other businesses and trade, a lot of our marketing clients tend to use our service as a means to filter sales calls. Our operators are able to recognize cold callers and sales calls then deal with the caller as per our client’s instruction. Some of our clients ask that we request they send an email and if interested our client will respond, others simply ask that we politely tell the caller “thank you, but no thank you”.

10. Doctors and Physiotherapists

Many doctors and physiotherapists are not situated in a single surgery but sometimes three or four meaning that they can be difficult to get hold off. As with solicitors and IFAs, they are often completely uncontactable as they may be with patients or otherwise engaged. A phone answering service provides our clients with a single contact number for callers, no matter what surgery the doctor or physiotherapist is in that day. Operators are able to book, confirm, alter and cancel appointments on our online diary as well as deal with other everyday enquiries.

NJ Walker- 11/02/10