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Deciding When and how to Divert Telephone Calls.

Many of our clients choose to use their unique 0845 number (given to each client on sign up) for all advertising meaning that all calls come through to our telephone answering service operators, however, many choose to maintain control of their calls and therefore are required to set-up a call divert function on their existing lines.

For our large spread of clients, one size most certainly does not fit all and so we have a range of suggestions on when and how to divert your calls to us.

  • The most popular is the straight forward “divert all calls at all times” code which (for BT customers) is *21* [enter telephone answering number] #. This means that whenever this code is activated all calls, regardless of whether you are available or not, will come through to our operators who will then follow the on screen directions on how to handle the call.Many of our clients who only use us for selected periods (like lunch cover or for when a meeting has been called) choose this divert code. It means that our client can be sure that all calls will be answered instantly but that they will not be disturbed. When the meeting or lunch period is over it is down to the client to remove the divert, this is done by entering
    the code #21#
  • Sometimes our clients may be called away from the office or desk unexpectedly and not want to always be programming numbers into their phone to set a divert up. In this case we would suggest using the “Call Divert on no reply” code which is *61* [telephone answering number] #.This means that if calls are not answered within a certain number of rings then our operators are called into action and greet your caller, again collecting whatever information you have requested we collect. Most clients that use this code leave it on permanently but if you do wish to remove it the code is #61#.
  • Many of our clients find themselves in the office all the time but simply have too many calls coming through and so miss them if they are engaged. In this instance we recommend using the “Call Divert on busy” code which is *67* [telephone answering number] #.If using this code it means that even if you have been on a call for 30mins and had 5 callers in that time you will not have missed a single call. All calls while your number is unavailable/engaged will be picked up by our operators no matter if those 5 calls all come in at the same time or in 5 minute intervals, our lines and operators can handle them all. To cancel this divert the code is #67#.
  • The final code that we recommend is a mixture of the last two, it means that calls are answered if your line is engaged or if it is unanswered. To set this please enter the code *66* [telephone answering number] # and to cancel it enter #67#.

NJ Walker- 11/07/11