0333 220 6022

“Good morning,
ABC Services,
how can I help you?”

All calls, overflow calls or just calls when you are busy are sent through to our UK based operators. Our systems identify your companys calls and our operators are guided on screen how to answer calls exactly how you have instructed us to.

You tell us what we do next

For example we can:

  • inform callers that you’re in a meeting/out of office and take a message
  • check you diary and book an appointment
  • transfer the call through to you just as if we were at your front desk

Our systems are extremely flexible and instructions on how to handle calls can be changed on a daily basis if need be.

Messages are then sent by email, txt or the phonecall is transferred to you

Our standard message relay is by email sent immediately at close of call, however, many clients ask that urgent messages are sent as a txt message to their mobile. We also have a number of clients that have all their calls transferred through themselves or a specific department or person depending on your instruction.

Again, it really is up to you how we get you messages or phonecalls to you. We offer a completely free, no obligation trial of our service to let you see how it works. Call us on 0333 220 6022 or click here to get started today.