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Pricing for Telephone Answering Service

At eConnect we only charge when a message is sent or a call is transferred to you. We don’t charge for sales calls, hang ups or wrong numbers.

Much like a monthly mobile telephone contract, we offer our clients tariffs based on usage. This is one of the main reasons we offer a free, no obligation trial as it gives you a fair estimation of what your tariff should be.

A selection of our tariffs:


All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.

Number of telephone calls doesn’t count!

At eConnect we only include actual messages and tasks performed in our tariffs, unlike many competitors we do not charge for every single phonecall we answer for your business.

This means that we don’t include sales calls, wrong numbers or calls that don’t result in a task being carried out in our monthly tariff count.  We believe this is the fairest way of charging for our service, why should you pay for sales calls or wrong numbers?

Order Taking and Diary Management

Our team can work with your existing CRM, database, online store to provide a full customer service facility to your callers.

We can also work with your own online diary or your eConnect Webdiary account to set and manage your appointments as your clients call in.

Order taking and online diary management are subject to different tariffs from those stated above as these types of calls can take significantly longer for our operators, please contact us to discuss the details of the service that you require.

Monthly rolling contract with no set up fee

We understand that your needs can change quickly and so we don’t tie you into long term contract. Many of our existing clients have very seasonal ups and downs in call volumes and change their tariffs throughout the year to ensure best value.

Our lowest tariff is just £14.99 per month and includes 5 messages or transfers (not phonecalls!) a month. We have a tariff to suit every business size from 50 to 5000 messages a month. Call us 0333 220 6022 for more information or click here to set up a free, no obligation trial.